All Natural Immune Boosters for Flu Season

Of course everyone is focused on United States COVID19 cases rising higher than ever before this past week. However, there are other important things we should be on the lookout for. As October comes to an end and November begins, flu season is in full swing. The flu shot can help in some ways, but there is no foolproof way of stopping the spread of the flu. Thus, it is important to turn to natural alternatives during the winter months to help boost immune health and block out not only the flu but other infections that can become an issue. I am going to list a few of my favorites below:


Zinc is commonly used to help fight various infections and heal wounds. It is no surprise that people have begun developing ways to incorporate zinc into their daily winter routine in order to help suppress the symptoms of the flu and common cold. Zinc has also been scientifically proven to reduce the longevity of the common cold in the body. You may be searching Zinc lozenges on Amazon as we speak, I totally get it! This is a great form of supplementation to vitamin C which has not been shown to have the same type of benefits as does zinc. Sometimes zinc and elderberry syrup (described below) can be found in conjunction with one another as well!


Elderberry Syrup:

I must admit, I was only exposed to elderberry syrup recently. This stuff is awesome. First of all, it tastes so good that I constantly dream of eating it with a biscuit. It also comes in multiple forms including jam, syrup, and drops. I love the drops because I find the dosage to be easier to follow (one dropper full or 30-60 drops). Every time I wake up with that tingle feeling in my sinuses I jump at the opportunity to take some of this! Elderberry is an antioxidant and is a key agent in calming inflammation. The key with elderberry syrup for the flu season is prevention. The quicker you take it once you start to feel crummy the better it will do. For more information, reach out to Sara Gail, RD., founder of RD Naturals, who is incredibly knowledgeable on all information elderberry related!


Herbal Tea:

This one is a given! Herbal tea is incredible whenever anything hurts. Tea is on the same wavelength as chicken noodle soup in my opinion. Made at home with TLC to save each and every day. What is awesome about tea is it helps to increase your water intake while also using the herbal, all natural additives to decrease your symptoms. The other great thing about herbal teas are they do not just help during flu season. Herbal teas can help with digestion and constipation, insomnia, stomach aches and cramps, as well as strep throat, etc. Some examples of therapeutic herbal teas for these common problems include chamomile tea, peppermint tea, lemon balm tea, ginger tea and passionflower tea. Try these out and let me know what you think!


Pre and Probiotics:

You have gone to the doctor. They have set you home for some much needed rest and have told you that you have a virus. You return two weeks later with the same symptoms and they tell you the excess fluids have formed a bacterial infection. They send you back home with a horrible, gut destroying antibiotic. They also suggest one other thing…. Drum roll please…. A probiotic! Pause though. What about a prebiotic!? What even is a prebiotic?? Let me explain. Many times medical professionals and pharmacies will only advertise probiotics to help keep the gut microbiome strong. However, it does solely that… It keeps it strong. Unfortunately, if you have been given a strong antibiotic like augmentin per say, your gut biome is lacking and can’t really grow to the level you need it to in order to perform well. Thus you need a prebiotic to essentially “plant the seed” that will allow the probiotic to grow your microbiome back to where it needs to be. Science is crazy, I know!

Anyways, thanks for sticking with me until the end. If you have any questions about the incredible products and tips I have shared with you let me know. Comment below if you use any of these tips and tricks and have feedback. Cheers to a flu free winter!

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