Can A Vacay Make You Happier?

Picture this: you are working a 14 hour day and everything that can possibly go wrong has gone wrong. You can’t keep up no matter how you try to get ahead. However, you start to come back to reality and remember that in four days you are going on a remote getaway to the mountains or a beach resort. You are immediately more calm knowing that all this madness has an end point and will soon be behind you. Multiple studies have shown that going on vacation, or even knowing a vacation is in your near future, reduces stress which in turn also reduces high cholesterol, high blood pressure and anxious feelings.I think you have some idea where i'm going with this. Follow along and you might just win a free cruise! Just kidding, but wouldn’t that have been nice last February!

Getting You Out of Your Stressful Environment

It is a known fact that your work environment inevitably causes you to be stressed out. Whether it be an upcoming deadline, a long to do list or just a lot of pressure to make ends mean, work is not a peaceful place for the majority of people. Thus, getting away from the stresses of the workplace with the people you love is a really great way to disconnect from all of the obligations you currently have. If you are a workaholic like me, you know that there is truly no other way to fully disconnect than leaving the space completely and having that time off. You can pick vacations that are going to not only get you out of your typical environment, but will also be a nice change of scenery. For example, if you live in the tropics, a nice vacation to the west coast for a ski trip would be fantastic. If you are living in a snow covered town, escaping the cold for a trip to Key West would also be a great switch up. Changing up your location and scenery is a great way to not only leave your stressful environment, but change up your environment in a way that is really exciting for you and the other people you are traveling with.

Getting You Out of Touch From the People/ Things Causing You Stress

It is not just the workplace itself that can cause you to feel stressed out. The people around you can also put a lot of pressure on you and make you feel stressed out. Whether it be family, friends, patients, clients, classmates, or coworkers, everyone is bound to have a person or two in their lives that are always on their back. However, it is a sign of respect to not bother someone when they are on vacation, so it is pretty safe to say that getting away for a while will allow you the time you need to recuperate from the people in your life you have deemed toxic or a stressor and come back feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world! A great way to ensure that you can get the rest and mental break you need when on vacation is to forward your phones, emails, texts and other forms of contact to a voicemail and have a disclaimer that you are out of town and will not be returning any forms of contact until you are back. This will stop you from taking your work with you and bringing that toxicity to your sweet escape!

Getting You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Nobody just goes on vacation to sit in a hotel for a week. If you are going to put in the money and energy to go on vacation you are going to most likely go all out with an itinerary and a plan. Sightseeing is a great way to get you exposed to new things and to expand your worldly view. By learning new things and experiencing new places you are inadvertently going outside of your comfort zone and there are definite lessons to be learned through this growth and development. By traveling and experiencing, you form new points of view, and see things differently. These new ideas you have formed will be able to transfer to your day to day life when you get back home, they may even help to relieve some stress even after the vacation is well over.

Getting Your Body Moving in Ways You Haven't Moved Before

On vacation, you are typically not stuck in a shoebox sized room all day like you might be at work. This trip can get your body moving, and be a great help to your physical and mental wellness. If you are going for a swim, hiking, skiing, doing a walking tour or doing any other physical activity, this is extremely valuable. Sometimes when you are on vacation you are so excited to explore that you do not even realize that you are doing some physically intensive things, but deep down it is healing your body from the inside out, and that is so incredibly valuable! We all could use a good stretch, long walk and explorative attitude once in a while!


Can’t Afford a Luxury Vacation or Want to Keep it COVID Friendly?

Thanks for making it this far with me! Vacations can be so expensive especially if you do not have paid time off, have pets or have a big family to pay for! Vacations can also be really unsafe right now due to COVID. You may think you are going to an area with lots of outdoor activities, but staying in a hotel, eating in restaurants, and doing things that were once deemed normal are now just not the same. Don’t worry though I have you covered…. A staycation!! Staycations which are defined as a vacation without leaving your town can be just as beneficial to your health. Leave your phone at home, take the people you love with you, and go for a drive to a nearby town that you want to explore. Go for a hike, have a picnic, go to a drive thru movie, go to a berry picking farm, the options are limitless. The point is you are getting out of the workplace, leaving your points of contact at home, you are exploring a new part of town and you are getting active. You can eliminate your stress and do all of these things without spending excessive amounts of money and having possible COVID exposure!

As you can tell, I do not get away from my work often, but when I do, I plan it out so that I am able to have the most amount of fun and least amount of stress possible. It is really important to have an outlet to relieve your stress and make you feel better. A small staycation or a big vacation, it doesn’t really matter they are both amazing and have a place and time. I can’t wait to see you all relieving your stress and trying new things. Send me your exploration photos!

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