How Barre Changed My World (Im Not Being Dramatic)

I am beyond thankful for barre. When I moved to Charleston I was physically fit, but like many other people I let COVID get the best of me. I started to experience hip pain and wound up wearing a shoe insert to try and even out my hips. Eventually this idea took a turn for the worst and I wound up limping (I know im 21 this is ridiculous). I tried a few workout classes at different gyms, but all were such high impact that I left leaving worse than I felt when I walked through the door. I felt so hopeless and the only thing I knew to turn to was physical therapy. I wanted to find a workout that would incorporate proper spinal alignment with core stabilization techniques. Boom! There I was with a Barre South membership, and I could not be happier!

It is so low impact and everyone at the barre studio is so welcoming that I truly felt my spirit lift and my days get more enjoyable. I am no longer limping and my hip has not hurt me in weeks! My instructors are so accepting of all skill levels and truly make me feel at home. There are many types of workouts I recommend if you are struggling with aches and pains. Barre, pilates, yoga, cycling and TRX band workouts are all incredibly low impact. Give these a try and I promise you wont be disappointed.

I think working out is important not just for physical fitness, but for overall health and optimal wellness. Find the place where you fit in. Somewhere you can go to decompress from the stressors of the world. A place that motivates you and lifts you up. A place that makes you feel worthy and able. Try new things and find what works for you. Listen to what your body needs to heal and rejuvenate. Love yourself and your journey and the pieces will fall into place!

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