Hypnosis for Insomnia Relief

My sleep cycle is just that, an ongoing cycle. Growing up, I had no issues sleeping. During the worst months of the COVID lockdown, I would be lucky if I slept three hours. I wouldn't fall asleep until around 3 am and would wake up again at 6 am. I would fall asleep at 7:30 am and sleep until 12 pm. It was a terrible cycle. I relentlessly tried everything, from melatonin to valerian hops and passionflower. None of it worked, and some actually made my restlessness and anxiety worse. I tried reading, I tried watching TV, but it wasn’t until I tried sleep hypnosis that I finally got some Zs.

What is Sleep Hypnosis?

Sleep hypnosis is where a hypnotherapist guides a person through verbal cues and meditation techniques in order to move into an induced state of relaxation, This trance-like state will eventually lead into sleep. The sleep that stems from sleep hypnosis is a deep and restorative sleep, but also one that can be woken from easily if need be. People should only use sleep hypnosis if they are in a place that will allow them the chance to fall asleep, and stay asleep. 

***Never use sleep hypnosis techniques when driving, operating heavy machinery or in a place that requires an alert state!

A Little Story on Sleep Hypnosis:

After my discovery of sleep hypnosis, my cousin and I gave it a skeptic try in the middle of the day. We sat on her bed and played a sleep hypnosis video on Youtube. We promised each other we would not fall asleep. Within five minutes we were both out cold and woke up two hours later without any recollection of fully getting comfortable, and drifting into sleep. This program works to get you out of your anxious headspace, and into a state of relaxation that I truly have never been in before.


Sleep Hypnosis in Childhood:

Sleep hypnosis can be used in many circumstances. Sleep hypnosis can help babies who are teething and fussy to get to sleep, either for a nap or for bedtime. Even though babies do not yet understand the meaning of words, the binary beats and tone of the music work well to soothe a crying infant. Sleep hypnosis can help anxious children drift into sleep during sleepover parties, at sleep away camp, and on family vacations. This is an amazing tool for children in order to help make them feel safe. Many children suffer from separation anxiety, and this is the best way to help them through it, in a way where they can still spend time socializing away from parents.

Sleep Hypnosis in Adulthood:

Sleep hypnosis can be used for adults who have a lot on their plate and struggle to shut it down for the night. It is so easy to put the weight of the world on your shoulders, sleep hypnosis truly allows that weight to lift, just enough for you to fall asleep. Lastly, sleep hypnosis can help people suffering from chronic pain of any form. If you suffer from insomnia related to a chronic disorder it can be a vicious cycle. I have been there! Not sleeping makes your body hurt and your pain flare, the pain stops you from sleeping enough to recover. It is helpless, lonely and really tough to live through. You have nothing to lose, as long as your doctor approves this in your specific case, give sleep hypnosis a try (you will thank me later!). 

The Best Sleep Hypnosis Video I Have Found:

For Babies and Children:


For Pre-Teens, Teens and Adults:


I appreciate you taking the time to read about this therapeutic approach to insomnia. I have found it to truly work in my life and for the people and patients I have recommended it to. Please let me know how it works for you and any feedback you may have. Lets kick insomnia out of our lives in 2021, and get some much needed rest!

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