My Pfizer Vaccine Experience...

I wanted to share my experience getting the COVID vaccine with everyone. This is not meant to be a political statement or even a public health statement. I simply felt that as one of the first people of my generation to get the vaccine, I had an obligation to make a post about how it affected me. I want other people who may be nervous or unsure to know firsthand what it is like. 

I received the first Pfizer vaccine on January 29th and the second one two weeks later. I work in healthcare as an office manager for a specialized physical therapy clinic. It was extremely important for me to protect myself and get the vaccine due to the nature of my patients’ conditions and the fact that they travel from all over the world to see us.

First Vaccine:

I was not very nervous to get my first vaccine as there had been not much information in the news about side effects at this point. I knew I was going to be seeing my family in a couple weeks as well and decided to jump on the opportunity. The administration process was pretty simple here in South Carolina, and I walked right in and right out during my appointment time with the medical university here. The entire process took all of fifteen minutes. 

As far as symptoms are concerned, my two coworkers had a sore arm, but only to the touch. They had no other symptoms and were totally fine. I got pretty bad arm soreness that lasted a good three days. On day one and two I almost felt like I had a frozen shoulder. Even at its worst, the pain was not bad enough to stop me from daily activities.

Second Vaccine:

After reading all of these horror stories online and having the media instill the fear of G-d in me, I almost cancelled my second vaccine slot. I knew I needed to be strong though and get the vaccine to protect my family, my patients, and ultimately, myself. When we arrived for my second vaccination, I won't lie, I was crying and almost threw up from fear. I do understand that this is not a normal response to something like this and you may think I was being dramatic. As someone with undiagnosed chronic pain, I had NO idea what the repercussions of getting this second vaccine were for my body. If I was a perfectly healthy individual I probably would have waltzed right in there and done it already. Once I got into the vaccine room, it was a very fast process again. I was in and out in about twenty minutes.

The symptoms this time were much different. She used a smaller needle to inject me this time around. Due to the needle size, my arm hurt a lot less starting out. I anticipated feeling poorly right after the vaccine so we picked up some Tylenol, gatorade and a blanket. I made myself a pain/vaccine relief essential oil roller, and we waited. The symptoms did not hit me until I got out of bed the next morning. I would say the worst of it was my stomach and my head. I had pretty bad stomach pain (first day period symptoms) for about two days. I did have a bad headache, but I would not qualify it as a migraine. After over 24 hours I was hit with some chills and nausea, but all of it subsided by day two.

I do want to note that I did take many precautions such as taking Tylenol in anticipation of feeling badly after the vaccine. Going to bed early. Getting in tons of fluids. I definitely suggest getting ahead of possible symptoms as nobody wants to feel bad. I generally do not recommend over the counter medicines for pain relief because I believe in natural remedies. However, if you are going to get this vaccination, I found Tylenol to be the easiest way to ensure you recuperate well. I know not everyone will agree with that decision and maybe if I could go back I would have done something else, but one dose of Tylenol is not going to end the world.

If given the opportunity to do it again, I would 1000% do it. I hope if you are on the fence solely because of fear of the unknown or fear of symptoms, that this will help you gain the courage you need, to go and get the vaccine. At the end of the day, if you were to get COVID the fear of the unknown and the fear of getting symptoms would be even more heightened. Please reach out should you have any questions or are interested in an oil blend to help combat the vaccine symptoms/ COVID like symptoms. That's all for now, friends!

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