The Greatest Ways to Use Breast Milk Outside of Feeding

I'm on a ton of mom’s groups on Facebook to network and learn about topics that I think are important to Women’s Health. Recently, I have learned something new that I never really thought about, but makes so much sense! Breast milk has usages far beyond just feeding and nourishing an infant. Breast milk is the holy grail to new moms and I wanted to share why. Breastfeeding moms listen up. We are about to tell you how your breast milk can solve many problems around your house!


Eye Infection Relief:

It is extremely common for newborn babies and infants to get clogged tear ducts.This can be so scary as a parent because you feel helpless and your baby can not speak to tell you how they are feeling. This issue can be caused by body fluids or bacteria. Clogged tear ducts can cause crusty, discharge filled eyes and can be very painful for the baby. The easiest fix you may ask? A few drops of breast milk directly applied to the infected area! You can drop the milk directly into the infected area or use a dropper. This is genius, but not innovative. Breast milk has been used to treat eye infections for a number of years in many cultures. 


Ear Infection Relief:

Here is where there is room for debate. Some officials say that a drop of breast milk in an infant’s infected ear every few hours can help with the symptoms and duration of ear infections. However, the barrier that leads to the inner ear does not allow for the breast milk to come in contact with the infection. Thus, this tip is mostly useful for outer ear infections and not inner ear infections.

Teething Relief:

Here is a cool hack! If you fill ice trays with breast milk and use either a popsicle stick or a pacifier (preferred method) as the holder and freeze them this creates a teething popsicle for your baby. This allows for a safe and comfortable way for your baby to teethe. I suggest using an ice tray rather than any other ice pop maker because we do not want any wasted milk here! These pops can also be used to treat scrapes, cuts, and bug bites as well!


Skin Condition Relief:

There are so many skin conditions that breast milk can cure, the list goes on and on. Breast milk can help with eczema when applied directly to the spots. Breast milk can also help with cradle cap breakouts on a newborn when gently massaged into the areas of the scalp that need fixing. Breast milk can help with sunburns and is possibly even more effective than aloe vera. The breast milk can be used to relieve a baby from diaper rash as well as baby (or adult) acne. Lastly, nipple irritation is very common among new moms and just simply using breast milk over the affected area can help a lot.

Put your liquid gold to the test and use your breast milk for any of the above conditions for great results. Much of the research I have done states that results can be seen within just 24 hours of using the milk for these different issues. Make sure to check with your doctor if you are unsure of any of the above, and never use breast milk rather than treatment as prescribed by a medical professional.

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