The Importance of Gut Health in Overall Wellness

The Importance of Gut Health in Overall Wellness

You are doing everything right. You are exercising at least three to five days a week. You are going to bed early and getting a full eight hours of sleep. You are meditating and talking to people in order to solve your problems and keep your mental health in check. However, you continue to feel sluggish, stressed, and overwhelmed by pain. Well, have you ever taken a dive deeper into what are you eating? Let me explain…

Gut Health Must Be Induced Using Pre and Probiotics:

In order to have a flowering gut microbiome, you must be feeding it with pre and probiotics. Probiotics are extremely important because they work to nourish your gut with the good gut microbes that belong there. Probiotics work to flourish this biome and ensure that your body has what it needs to achieve optimal gut health. However, you really should not use one without the other. Prebiotics are just as essential to the body as are probiotics, but if you walk down the pharmacy aisle they are typically overlooked. Also, ensure that you are using a pre and probiotic that requires refrigeration. Those that are not refrigerated do not contain as strong, active ingredients. Here is my favorite pre and probiotic below:


Gut Health Must be Promoted with a Healthy Diet:

I am not going to go on a rant here about why a plant based diet is more effective than a meat based diet for gut health. I have full understanding that everyone requires different things and has different deficiencies in which they must improve upon. However, there are specific foods that people shouldn’t be eating. Red meat is super high in trans and saturated fats. These fats are not easily broken down by the body and can cause many issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Other processed foods are also high in trans fats including many toppings that go on noodle bowls, salads, poke bowls, etc. You can have a perfectly healthy salad, but when you top it with these fats it distracts significantly from the nutritional gain. Replace these trans fats with chia seeds, hemp seeds, almonds and other alternatives which can give the same flavor in a healthier way.


Ways to “Shape your Plate” for Optimal Gut Health

Every meal you eat should be balanced in order to get the nourishment you need for optimal gut health. This means that your plate should always contain a protein, carbohydrate and good fat. Yes, I am telling you that carbohydrates are fine to eat in each meal. What a concept! Having a balanced plate ensures you are getting satisfied from your meals, but not getting too full or not full enough. Finding that medium point can be a challenge, but just trust your body. If you eat a meal and are hungry twenty minutes later, you have not had enough to eat. You also should not eat a meal and be so full that you are skipping the next meal. Drink lots of water throughout the day, balance your plate as shown below, and all will be okay!

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the basics in gut health with me. If you are struggling with chronic pain or IBS like symptoms please reach out. I have many resources in figuring out lifestyle changes that can be beneficial for your needs and concerns. Have a great day and remember to eat balanced!


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