The Ins and Outs of Travel Physical Therapy

I have always been interested in traveling after my schooling is through, but there always seems to be so much thought that needs to go into planning a big trip. Will I have saved up enough finances to not only travel, but also to support myself once I finish my travel journey? Will I have enough money to stay in nice hotels, enrich myself in the cuisine of these new places, and do any planned tours, etc.? Then I started doing some research on opportunities through my work that can allow me the freedom and flexibility to travel. Become a travel PT? I don’t see why not!

I reached out to Point of View Travel PT on Instagram and instantly fell in love with their journey. This couple has taken full advantage of the benefits of a travel PT job and have shared with me all of the incredible details. Continue reading to hear from Tori and Devin:

“We are Tori and Devin, we have been traveling PTs for over 4 years. We are from New Jersey and have taken travel assignments in Arizona, Maine, South Carolina, Massachusetts (2x), California (2x), Washington and Colorado! So far, our travel assignments have been in either home health or outpatient settings. Travel assignments can last from 13 weeks up to 1 year. You only commit to 13 weeks at a time so you can travel as little or as long as you’d like. We pick everywhere we go and interview with the management at the clinic before accepting each position to make sure it is a good fit! We are able to save more money as travelers because our travel company provides us with daily housing and food stipends while on assignment. We said we’d travel 1-2 years starting out, that was 4 years ago and we have no end in sight because this lifestyle is just too good!”

Just to reiterate some of this quote from Tori and Devin, they have been traveling for four years and have only had good experiences being travel PTs. Working for an agency, they are able to apply for jobs in specific cities and really get the end say in whether they go somewhere or not. This is an incredible perk of this type of job because for many, picking up and moving time zones, climates, etc. may not be feasible, but traveling may still be your desire.

Most travel PTs also get a daily amount of money to spend on food which is of course a huge expense for a majority of Americans today. Having the ability to be financially stable right out of school, pay off student debt, have housing covered as part of your benefits, and get paid relocation fees for your travel seems like a no brainer to me! Oh and by the way, travel pTs get paid a salary on top of all of the other benefits and perks of the job, and typically this salary is higher than other PT jobs in major cities.
If you are interested in one day opening a practice, you must have saved up money and tons of experience. To travel the country, treat patients, work under incredible mentors and colleagues, and save a significant amount of money compared to any other physical therapy job out there, it is an incredible opportunity for people looking to one day open a business and settle down.


 I am definitely interested in travel PT after hearing about Tori and Devin’s experiences. If you are also interested you can visit their page on instagram at @pointofview_travelPT to follow their  journey. Feel free to reach out to them with any other questions you may have about! See below for a couple more photos of their incredible journey. Thanks for sharing, friends!

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