The Real Natural Migraine Remedy!

I've got a secret I've been holding on to. I apologize in advance for not sharing this with all of you. Ready to get your mind blown? I can guarantee relief from tension headaches and migraines with three easy steps. That’s it 1,2,3 and you’re migraine free. I want to start by saying that this is for quick relief like an Advil or Tylenol. It is not going to cure you of a disorder you may have. It is not going to be a forever fix, but to feel better for enough time to get through the day/ tasks you must complete is reason enough to me that you should keep reading!


Lay back, Relax (and Buy an Eye Mask):

If you are looking for natural migraine relief, you need to remember that you can’t just pop a pill, wait 20 minutes and feel fabulous. It does take out a chunk of time to feel better naturally, but let’s skip right to it! If you lay down and do steps two and three for just an hour you will feel like a new person. Having an eye mask on is an important step in this process though. If you are like me, you can’t easily fall asleep on your back. It is challenging to even relax if there is daylight out. All you keep thinking about is the five hundred other things you can be doing. I won’t tell you to just stop being antsy because that obviously won’t calm your mind down. However, an eye mask always does the trick for me. It stops me from opening my eyes, stops the sunlight from affecting my relaxation and even makes my mind turn off. Check out tips number two and three for some amazing relief! 

Eye Mask

The Pain Killer Essential Oil Roller:

As you all know, I have a degree in Microbiology and Immunology, and sell both wholesale and retail essential oil rollers and mists for wellness. I have a background in the chemical sciences and mix all my blends with optimal wellness in mind. If I do not think the blend will work, I do not mix it. I am confident and certain my blends will bring you relief if used properly and regularly. They are low maintenance and low cost, but have high impacts on areas of health. The Pain Killer blend has been specifically formulated for migraines, headaches and chronic joint pain. If you roll this on your neck, temples, spine, bottom of feet and palms to inhale, it will help you both with the pain and restlessness of feeling crappy. I have had extremely positive results from this specific roller for migraines, vaccine symptoms and fibromyalgia. Will this oil work on its own? Yes. Can it be better if used with the other two tips? Most definitely! Read on we are almost done! See the link below for The Pain Killer, and know that I SO appreciate your love and support!

The Pain Killer Oil Roller

Binary Beats to the Rescue:

Okay I am about to go all Science nerd on you now! Binary beats are small, subtle beats that pulsate within the brain. How does it work? When you play a tone that has a different frequency in each of your ears the waves travel separately to your brain, specifically the area responsible for auditory translation. The tones that you heard in both ears now join together into a beat with a new frequency. Thus, listening to binaural beats tapes into a space in your brain that translate the new beat frequency and wishes to mimic it. When your brain syncs with the beats you are hearing, you go into a new brain state. This brain state is filled with relaxation and depending on the frequency of the beat it helps your body to relax, focus, think more positively, and even heal from pain. See below for a specific, free, one hour long binaural beat video for migraines and headaches:

Binaural Beats for Migraines/ Headaches

You still don’t believe me? Well give it a go! What do you have to lose? Most people already have an eye mask at home, I have linked the free binaural beats I use above, and my oil roller is only $14 with free shipping and lots of love. I promise you will see results after an hour. I can’t wait to hear your results. Remember, sometimes it’s okay not to be okay!


  • ] Elutug

  • ] Axobeq

  • ] Ifanato

  • ] Ipafpol

  • ] Emkifu


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