Time Management Broken Down...

There are many skills which people are expected to have, study skills, interpersonal skills, time management skills, etc. 

Time management skills seem to be the go to thing to just get thrown out the window when life becomes overwhelming. I am here to tell you that time management should actually be the go to thing that you work harder toward, during stressful periods of time. It is easy when we are stressed, mentally drained and feeling like there's no place to turn, to want to run away from our responsibilities; or shut them out until the last possible second. However, if you face these responsibilities head on, and plan out a way to finish all of them on time. You will have space to do the things you enjoy. Life will seem much simpler and the weight of the world on your shoulders will be lifted. Here are my go to tips to better time management skills:

Buy a Planner and Use it Correctly:

Buying a cute planner that has adequate space to write things down is the first step. If you solely buy a planner, but do not use it, then it is worthless! To properly use a planner I suggest you not only plan out your month on the calendar page, but I suggest you plan out your weeks and your days as well. It is easy to fill in things such as people’s birthdays, holidays and other big events. Ultimately, your planner should also have the little nitty gritty details in it as well. How early you want to wake up in the morning, how you're going to allocate your time each day to get all assignments done by the deadline; you will see the extra time you have to do the things you love.

How to Plan Your Day:

I also want to go over my best tip for how you should allocate your time. First, I would add in the absolute necessities. For me this includes working on my blog and going to my day job. Next, I look closer into those necessities and detail them out. Maybe on this specific day I have a blog post coming out, a collaboration to plan, or sending Beautycounter samples to my clients.  I would want to figure out how much time each of those tasks will take me to complete and decide what time I will need to wake up in order to get those things done.  My day job is a set amount of time each day, I would add that and my driving time to get there and back into my daily schedule. Next, I would add in things I would like to get done. These things for me include meal prep, laundry, replying to comments on my instagram, and spending some time with my boyfriend. For you these things may also include house chores or calling your loved ones. Lastly, you want to add time for yourself doing something that is good for you. Things that fall into this category for me include getting coffee in the morning; whenever possible to support small local shops. I like going to my barre classes to get a workout in, going out to dinner, etc. These are things that do not necessarily need to happen for me to complete my day. They are also things that people are not relying on me to do. However, these things are still important, so you want to fit in at least 2-3 of these per week!

The Biggest Tip: SAY NO!

My dad always tells me I am the queen of never overbooking myself. My boyfriend says I am too busy to add anything else to my plate. I guess from the outside looking in there are various ways to look at this. I know my limits and when something is going to become too much for me, and so do you. Trust your gut! If you are fully booked over the next month and your child’s school asks you to plan the annual holiday party, its okay to say no. It is important that you say no sometimes for your own sanity, and the sanity of the people around you. You are not invincible, you are only one person. It is okay to know that something is going to make you feel like you are spread too thin. Wouldn’t you rather say no off the bat than commit to something you need to quit on later? By the time you figure out later that it's too much, you will be on the brink of a mental breakdown. If you take any valuable advice away from this blog post, I want it to be that your time is valuable. It's okay to sit back and let someone else do some work. We are only human and we can’t be in two places at once. 

I am proud of all of you and all of the incredible work that you do. I hope you have found some realism and value in today’s blog post. It is important to tackle your issues head on. Doing so will also allow you the time to do the things you love and to not overbook yourselves. When in doubt, you know where to find me!

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