Why Did I Turn My Blog into a Small Business Page

I was bitten by the small business bug, the minute I was born. My mother is an extremely hard working small business owner. I like to think I get my business mind and thoughtfulness to detail from her. Both her and my father instilled this desire to work for myself into me at a very young age. There is something to be said about making a product start to finish and seeing the satisfaction it brings to other people. 

During the pandemic, my parents started selling face masks. Their online mask shop hit the market at the perfect time and blew up. My parents were practically living on the money they were earning from the masks. It gets better though,they were donating masks to people in need. They were working around the clock to get people’s immunosuppressed family members and senior citizens masks. The money was an extra bonus, but the community they grew was, and is to this day, priceless. 

My mother then went on to doing live videos on facebook selling her boutique clothing. Not only does she amaze me every week by her dedication, but it has become a family affair. My dad works the back end of the video, my mom and sister model, my grandma can be seen sewing patches on jackets in her free time, and my brother scans the price tags. The customer’s play a role too by sharing the page and being open minded. It is a symphony of people working together and building an online community that is stronger than anything I have ever seen. Customers always tell us how much they love us and how amazing the videos have been during the quarantine. However, on the flip side, we are thankful for them more than anything else in the world!

Seeing this transformation in my mom’s business sparked a fire within me. I suffer from severe chronic pain. In high school, I would spend three nights a week bed bound. The bad flares come and go in waves, but the pain is always lingering in the background. Relief and management became my only hope for normalcy. I was never going to be cured. I was never going to feel better. To feel good enough though, became my ultimate goal. I stumbled upon essential oil rollers through Instagram, and decided I needed to give them a try. These oils were low maintenance, low cost and low commitment. Each oil has significant wellness benefits, and the scents also work with the oils themselves to calm any pain, worry, insomnia, and other ailments you suffer from.

I started playing around with some blends for myself using what I had learned in Microbiology and Immunology. Before I knew it, I was addicted to these blends. I decided my blog was not doing enough to help people like me, people who suffer every single day. I knew that with my parent’s support, my background in science, and my pain journey, I had all the tools I needed to change the future for people suffering. 

I am so excited to officially launch these products through my blog. I truly hope you will give them a try, and love them as much as I do. I currently have eight different roll on options and three mist options. I offer customized blends for your needs that may not be currently represented on my Etsy. Furthermore, I offer wholesale, consignment, drop ship and white label options for other brands, wellness coaches, health professionals, and bloggers. My ideal goal is to get these products into the hands of everyone who needs them. All profits I make in this business will go towards opening a comprehensive women’s health practice based in pelvic floor physical therapy one day. Thank you for your unwavering support of my family, my business and my blog. We couldn't do it without each one of you!

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