Meet Me

Here we go. I am going to put it all out there. My name is Sydney Pincus and I am a recent graduate from the University of Miami with a B.S. in Microbiology and Immunology. However, my story with Women’s Health began much before my time at university. When I was in the second grade, my baby sister, Dara, was born still. My mother is a survivor of two miscarriages and two stillbirths. They call me a rainbow baby because after every storm comes some type of sunshine. This “rainbow baby” idea was not enough for me. I still do not completely understand why my baby sisters were taken before having the chance to live a life. It was then, in the summer of second grade, that I knew I was going to dedicate my life to something bigger than myself. I have a strong need to help other people survive their storms and find their rainbows. In high school, I was shuttled to Internal Medicine, Neurology and Rheumatology appointments because I suffered from multiple debilitating migraines per week and joint pain that would keep me from driving, cheerleading, exercising and many other things I loved. I was diagnosed with IBS, possible Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anti Coagulation problems, and many other diagnoses that made no sense. Advil became my significant other and I desperately needed some space! I had no answers, but a fire in my soul, and a determination to fix myself.

I was exposed to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy through a friend in the field and it instantly caught my interest. After shadowing and interviewing many specialists, the truth became glaringly clear. Women are not well educated on their bodies, and in many cases are shamed when they seek medical expertise. We are called complainers and are said to not be strong enough. The truth is many of us are suffering too young from autoimmune disorders, digestive health issues, pelvic floor problems, tension migraines, and many other health problems. Doctors and other specialists are so quick to prescribe a medication and lead you on your way. Will it work? Maybe, but did you ever dig a bit deeper into your health? Ladies, what we need is to advocate for ourselves and one another. What we need is a lifestyle change. We need to learn to read labels and know about what is in our food, makeup, skincare and haircare products. We need to change our diets to fit our health needs. We need to stretch, meditate, and care more about our mental health and not just everyone else’s. We need to take charge of our lives, and not feel ashamed of Women’s Health issues. This is why I chose Pelvic Floor PT and Women’s Wellness as my educational path. Taking charge of your health starts with education, which is why I am here. I hope to test the limits and be true to all women. I will expose the truth behind our food, our products, and our lifestyles. I will describe my journey and my future as a student of both a DPT program and Women’s Wellness Coaching. I hope you will follow me on my journey, and I cant wait to see where yours takes you!